‘Jurina Matsui’ and ‘Akane Takayanagi’ from SKE48 is going to be streamed on ABEMA exclusively🎤

SKE48 Arena Concert ‘Watashino Kizashi, Minano Kizashi’ ~Akane matsuri!~


SKE48 ‘Sotsugyodayo! Zeninshugo! ~Let’s sing!~


Jurina Matsui the last live concert@NIPPONGAISHI SPORTS PLAZA ~Something happenes by the graduation!?


The last live concert of ‘Jurina Matsui’and ‘Akane Takayanagi’from SKE48 based in Nagoya will be streamed on ABEMA exclusively!

The announcement of graduation and the last live concert was scheduled on last year, but had been postponing because of the COVID-19. Finally, SKE48 arena concert ‘Watashino Kizashi, Minano Kizashi ~Akane matsuri!~ is scheduled on April 10th, the show will stream live only by ABEMA exclusively.

Futhermore, another postponed concert‘SKE48 Sotsugyodayo! Zeninshugo! ~Let’s sing!~’ as for daytime show and the evening show ‘ Jurina Matsui last live concert@ NIPPONGAISHI SPORTS PLAZA ~ Something happens by the graduation!?~’ will also stream live only by ABEMA exclusively.

This time, ABEMA introduces ‘FanCam’system for following them closer. Let’s celebrate their last show as SKE48 member! 

implementing the "FanCam" in ‘Akane Takayanagi’ on 10th April and ‘Juria Matsui’ on 11th April.

Please accept it because it's convenient for the performance.


*Streaming is scheduled for about 2.5h

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▼Program Details 

‘SKE48 arena concert ‘Watashino Kizashi, Minano Kizashi ~Akane matsuri!~’

・Saturday, April 10th, 2021 Open: 5pm Start: 5:30pm

‘SKE48 Sotsugyodayo! Zeninshugo! ~Let’s sing!~’

・Sunday, April 11th, 2021 Open: 11:30am Start: 12:00pm

‘ Jurina Matsui last live concert@ NIPPONGAISHI SPORTS PLAZA ~ Something happens by the graduation!?~’

・Sunday, April 11th, 2021 Open: 5pm Start: 5:30pm

■Purchase Period:Mon. March 15th, 2021 8pm – Sun. April 18th 9pm
■Price:3,167 ABEMA coins (worth about 3,800yen)
■Available Video Streaming period:Until Sun. April 18th 11:59pm
■Ticket Purchase URL:

‘SKE48 arena concert ‘Watashino Kizashi, Minano Kizashi ~Akane matsuri!~’


‘SKE48 Sotsugyodayo! Zeninshugo! ~Let’s sing!~’


‘ Jurina Matsui last live concert@ NIPPONGAISHI SPORTS PLAZA ~ Something happens by the graduation!?~’


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