"LIVE×ONLINE COUNT DOWN 2021 ▶ ︎2022" will be streamed worldwide exclusively to ABEMA on 12/31!


Premium live overnight that exceeds the fence of the group by the LDH artist suitable for the night of New Year Eve 2021.

A live show by EXILE TRIBE to close out 2021

Sending our thanks to all the fans who have supported EXILE TRIBE throughout this year. Together, we can make 2022 a better year.

December 31, From EXILE TRIBE PARK

Streaming live on ABEMA

Let's enjoy the start of 2022 together!

Notice about Naoki Kobayashi’s performance of “LIVE x ONLINE COUNTDOWN 2021▸2022”

Thank you very much for your warm support for EXILE and the third generation J SOUL BROTHERS.

Regarding Naoki Kobayashi who is suspending his activity, as a result of continuous discussions with the members and staff, we are very sorry about he would not appear in “LIVE x ONLINE COUNTDOWN 2021▸2022" scheduled to be streamed from 20:00 on December 31 (Friday).

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience and concern to many of you who have been looking forward to the performance of Naoki Kobayashi.

We hope for your understanding and cooperation.


Streaming date and time

Show starts at 20:00 on Friday, December 31, 2021 (stream starts at 19:30) (JST)

*The start time is subject to change



*Naoki Kobayashi, Alan Shirahama and Mandy Sekiguchi are currently not scheduled to appear in this show.

Special Bonuses for All Ticket Holders

Regardless of membership or ticket type, all ticket holders will receive:

・An original wallpaper of photos taken on the day of the show.

・Entry into a prize draw for people who watch the show in real time, with a chance to win a Christmas present from the members!

*Presents will be sent as an ABEMA gift box by the beginning of January 2022.

Please note

*Naoki Kobayashi, Alan Shirahama and Mandy Sekiguchi are currently not scheduled to appear in this show.

*There will be no repeat, timeshift or archive streaming of this show.

*The start time is subject to change due to the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

*Tickets cannot be cancelled or refunded for any reason other than the postponement or cancellation of the stream.

*The above outline is subject to change without notice.

Important notes about the New Year's Eve stream

*During the countdown period from December 31 to January 1 and around midnight on New Year's Day, there is usually a high volume of phone calls, emails and SNS posts. This may make it difficult to access ABEMA or may cause the stream to become unstable.

*To reduce the burden on network providers, we recommend viewing ABEMA over a wireless LAN (Wi-Fi) or wired LAN network rather than using a mobile network (5G/4G/3G/LTE network). However, please be aware that the bandwidth of both wireless and wired LAN connections may be restricted due to the rapid increase in the amount data being used to view the video.

*Please do not connect any other devices (e.g. PCs or TVs) to the same network.

*Please place your Wi-Fi router in a place with good visibility (to avoid obstacles or interference).

*If the video stops during the stream, please try lowering the picture quality.


※If you watch streaming from outside of Japan,please visit and buy the following URL.

If you watch these streams in Taiwan or Thai, you are able to buy tickets from the following URL.